Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Strawberry Patch and a “awesome” from Frank

Boy! Am I tired.  Today I decided to get up extra early and do some extra home chore. I have decided I will not  continuing the apartment therapy because I have 4 small children  and it just isn’t working out.  I literally  have to clean EVERY DAY and do the Same things. Anyway My schedule is coming along and this it fine. After dropping the big kids off to school, I took the little kids out in the backyard to find strawberries. I was so happy to find that there were 6 BIG Strawberries almost ready to be picked. I give it another few days, before they are fully ripe but they were so nice I had to record it. take a look!



Also Frankie was should a gentleman this morning and told me I was “awesome” now being that my son is the no affection guy “ I’m to cool to hug mom dude”  I gladly took him calling me “awesome” in a song.  Oh and the kids didn’t argue once in the car Some one please  Pinch me! Smile

Tomorrow Day Project

  • Go to Home Depot for Paint roller
  • Wash Whites
  • Wash Windows
  • Mop Living Room, Dining & Hallways
  • Clean Main Bathroom

Self Time

  • Give  Myself Manicure
  • Steam Facial
  • Start novel  “Paris to the Moon” by Adam Gopnik

Bible Study

  • Exodus Chapter 30

Note TO Self ( but everyone is welcomed  it Smile : Breath! The Lord will not give you more then you can handle.

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