Tuesday, October 2, 2012

20 Things I love about Fall...

I absolutely LOVE fall. I have all my life..at the age of 8yrs. old I would stay out until I couldn't hold off my mom's calls anymore. Here are My 20 things I love about Fall

  1.                                                                   1. Fall Leaves

                                                             2. quiet mornings drinking tea/coffee

                                                                             3.   My son's birthday


                                                                         4.   Carmel Apples

                                                                        5.    Thanksgivings

                                                                   6.    Beginning of a new school year

                                                                                  7.     cozy blankets

                                                                             8.   burning fireplaces

                                                                    9. Apple Cider and Fall Festivals

                                                                         10.  Dressing in cozy clothing
                                                                              11 .Nature walks

                                                                12. The Smell of fresh Pumpkin Bread
                                                                       13. Yummy Candles scents
                                                      14. Photography & Scrap booking Oh and Knitting
                                                           15.  the sound of tree move from the wind

                                                             16.   Chatting with cousins over a glass of wine
                                                                         17.  cuddling with my hubby
                                                                           18.   Backyard Camping
                                                               19.  Reading Books on a cold  rainy day
                                        20.  Driving in the car listening to "Winnie the pooh" audio with my kids

           http://theinspiredroom.net/2012/10/01/20-little-things-i-love-treasure-autumn-fall/#commentsWell these are my favorites thought I could list more LOL. What are you Top things that you love about Fall?


Saturday, September 22, 2012

First day of fall

Today is the first day of Fall and I  have to say I am pleased. For the last couple of weeks here in California it has been a real Heatwave . Heck punch and I decided to buy an air conditioner at the last moment ( we thought we could handle the heat with just the windows being open HA!). But now it is all over! This is our first year in our new home and I can't wait to decorate my front porch. I have started a little bit but it's no where near done. I love the way pottery barn made this front door look so comfortable. Can't you just see yourself walking in with a cup of hot coffee or tea? :)
And this door it just so charming. I remember when i was young everyone would say  I would live in the south and you know? I think they are right! I love the homey style and the seasons. However my honey would never leave. Maybe we will visit one day.!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Good Moring sugarplums! This morning I have a host of things to do. Starting with cleaning my house, caring for my sister’s dog “ Hope”, and send some packages to Virginia. Oh, and I have decided to write more often in my blog. It is really hard to remember to write but with my to do list it helps.I really love it.I find I get things done on time and it keeps me on track. As a youth I laughed at ladies with “to do lists” now I am one.LOL

Thursday Quick List

Have you finish your Spring Cleaning?  I’m on the late freight so I have some more work to do.

  • Wash outside and inside windows.
  • Mop laminate floors in the living room and hallway.
  • Dust trims and moldings in the living room, Bedrooms, and Kitchen.
  • Fold  Linen and put them way.
  • Shine Kitchen sink & Refrigerator.
  • Buy Cut Flowers to plant online.
  • Pull weeds in Garden.
  • Stop by Lowes or Home Depot.


    Have you ever wanted to have Fresh cut flower all through your home? I do. Every time I look in a magazine notice the details that they put in the rooms and they almost always have flowers, however the cost of fresh cuts are just so expensive. So I decided on planting me a Cut flower Garden within my Veggie Garden. Here are some that I plan on buying. ( Rabbit tail, Foxgloves, Pacific Giant Larkspur)



    bunnytail plant                     foxgalove                              thumbnailCAHGZLIT     

    Romans 11:33“[Doxology] Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable his judgments, and his paths beyond tracing out!”

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  • Sunday, February 5, 2012

    “ Mommy I want you to teach me!”

     Today, my 6 year old son, told me that he would rather me teach him then him go to a public school. To say it knocked me off my feet is an understatement. I was both flattered and scared at the same time. The reason? Because I really thought about it. My son has being have some problems  in school for some time now. I have address the issue last year. But it seems to me that nothing is really getting done. When he was a toddler I make a room for him strictly for “learning”. I longed to show my son all the wonders of education. I hated school when I was a child and I never wanted him to experience those things. Which brings me back to homeschooling. I am terrified that I would be making a mistake. What if I can’t do it? What if he’s more miserable at home then he is at school? Questions just pop in my mind in a matter of minutes while making dinner. I pondered over it while watching youtube. I gushed over it while thinking of all the good memories I could make educating him. Then the fear set in. I know my husband would not be into it. But what iIF he would be open to it? I could let him do a semester at home for trial, maybe that would work? Anyhow it is something to think about. What would you do if your son told you this? would you take them out? Could you Homeschool your kids?

    Thursday, January 5, 2012

    Hi! Welcome to “The graceful Helper” . I am so excited about starting this blog page. I plan on working on making my home wonderful with diy projects, Gardening, and everything in between. I hope that you are excited because I know I am!