Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Today I Jumped

  Today I jumped. Punch and I decided to take the kids to the strawberry festival. We got up early this morning and started on our way. On the  freeway we decided to go to Denny's to grap a bite to eat. The kids loved  it ! Once we paid our fare we notice a family  Punch said " hey look no more strollers for us!" As he pointed to the family with 2 small babies.

Yikes has time flew by that fast? I remember how stress I would be and how I never really enjoy myself because I was constantly  worry about taking care of my kids. At the time  it was just Beverly and Frank. By time we had Emilio and Lauren we really didn't like to go anywhere for for this reason. So most of the  time  if it was fun my sister took the lead.

THANK GOD for sisters! 2 of  them would be with her and 2 would be at home.  But now that everyone is old enough to have fun we can do all kinds of activities and festivals. Anyway, while we were there there was a bungee jumping  guy there and I jokingly as if my husband punch wanted to have a go. He said yes so I said cool and we agreed. Saying and doing are to different things (eyebrow lift).

I went first and paid my 40 bucks then they helped me put the equipment on and up and up we went. I'll TELL YOU I was the most terrified I had been in all my life.  As I went up the ladder is when I truly saw how high I was and started to freak. What the hell was I doing ?WHY was I doing it ?and how can I get off without hurting myself? I think it took about 10 mins for me to jump, Honestly I don't think I would have done it had it not been for the man up there. He was so calm and helpful and with that I built my confidence and JUMP. It was soo freeing and scary at the same time. The most rewarding of this was showing my kids they can do anything they want if you push yourself and this making me realize if I can to do THIS there is nothing I can't do. When was the last time you give yourself the ok to do something that you always wanted to do but was afraid?