Tuesday, October 2, 2012

20 Things I love about Fall...

I absolutely LOVE fall. I have all my life..at the age of 8yrs. old I would stay out until I couldn't hold off my mom's calls anymore. Here are My 20 things I love about Fall

  1.                                                                   1. Fall Leaves

                                                             2. quiet mornings drinking tea/coffee

                                                                             3.   My son's birthday


                                                                         4.   Carmel Apples

                                                                        5.    Thanksgivings

                                                                   6.    Beginning of a new school year

                                                                                  7.     cozy blankets

                                                                             8.   burning fireplaces

                                                                    9. Apple Cider and Fall Festivals

                                                                         10.  Dressing in cozy clothing
                                                                              11 .Nature walks

                                                                12. The Smell of fresh Pumpkin Bread
                                                                       13. Yummy Candles scents
                                                      14. Photography & Scrap booking Oh and Knitting
                                                           15.  the sound of tree move from the wind

                                                             16.   Chatting with cousins over a glass of wine
                                                                         17.  cuddling with my hubby
                                                                           18.   Backyard Camping
                                                               19.  Reading Books on a cold  rainy day
                                        20.  Driving in the car listening to "Winnie the pooh" audio with my kids

           http://theinspiredroom.net/2012/10/01/20-little-things-i-love-treasure-autumn-fall/#commentsWell these are my favorites thought I could list more LOL. What are you Top things that you love about Fall?