Thursday, May 17, 2012

Good Moring sugarplums! This morning I have a host of things to do. Starting with cleaning my house, caring for my sister’s dog “ Hope”, and send some packages to Virginia. Oh, and I have decided to write more often in my blog. It is really hard to remember to write but with my to do list it helps.I really love it.I find I get things done on time and it keeps me on track. As a youth I laughed at ladies with “to do lists” now I am one.LOL

Thursday Quick List

Have you finish your Spring Cleaning?  I’m on the late freight so I have some more work to do.

  • Wash outside and inside windows.
  • Mop laminate floors in the living room and hallway.
  • Dust trims and moldings in the living room, Bedrooms, and Kitchen.
  • Fold  Linen and put them way.
  • Shine Kitchen sink & Refrigerator.
  • Buy Cut Flowers to plant online.
  • Pull weeds in Garden.
  • Stop by Lowes or Home Depot.


    Have you ever wanted to have Fresh cut flower all through your home? I do. Every time I look in a magazine notice the details that they put in the rooms and they almost always have flowers, however the cost of fresh cuts are just so expensive. So I decided on planting me a Cut flower Garden within my Veggie Garden. Here are some that I plan on buying. ( Rabbit tail, Foxgloves, Pacific Giant Larkspur)



    bunnytail plant                     foxgalove                              thumbnailCAHGZLIT     

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